DJ Möscöné - an International Club DJ is emerging as one of the top deejay’s out of the San Francisco Bay Area, CA with her persona and deep hearted performances.


DJ Möscöné was born in San Francisco, CA; where the Bay Area has become the backbone and source to her dreams and aspirations. The musically attuned Möscöné gained interest in 2015 when dejaying chose her and not the other way around. Growing up in the Bay Area has coined Möscöné with open- formation, great understanding, and appreciation toward Hip-Hop & R&B/ varied genres.        

Club BNB, the Bench & Bar successfully worked closely with Möscöné as she has became a Resident DJ for the hottest LGBTQ club in Northern California. However, after three years of success, this residency has come to an end; #newbeginnings. During her three year residency at BNB, Möscöné has turned up club nights for “Siya”, “Milan Christopher”, “Ziggy”, "Zell Swag" & “Kash Doll”. Notably, this year marks 3 consecutive World Famous San Francisco Pride performances. DJ Möscöné broke grounds after being featured on Dash Radio in Los Angeles, CA, spreading talent in early 2017. Since then, opportunities have piled as new long-term relations have formed. Gigs with TrapxArt (as she is now an event coordinator and resident DJ),  a hot new residency with Good VBZ, multiple trips across the country, day parties, fashion show sets, remarkable networking opportunities,  nightclub appearances, international travel to Toronto, London, & more!


Consistently searching for growth, Möscöné will use her love for music, lack of fear, hustle, & charming personality to gain advancement. Professional, highly energetic, & fashionable, this DJ cherish's every moment & looks to capitalize on every opportunity. No matter where she is, Möscöné keeps the dance floor moving with her great ear for music, ability to read a crowd, and savvy stage presence. Blending your favorite tunes to create a pitch-perfect mix, Möscöné can and will deliver to audiences of all ages.